Learn all about Bluehost Hosting

Bluehost, a shared web hosting company founded by Matt Heaton, has been in operation since 1996. As one of the front-runners of web hosting services, the company has learnt to perfect their art. They know what clients look for when searching for a good web hosting service and they know how to deliver on this. The company’s strife and dedication to achieve excellence has enabled it to soar above its competitors. The company currently hosts over 1.9 million domains and the number keeps growing every day. It is estimated that over 20,000 new customers subscribe to the company’s web hosting services each month. Very few web hosting companies, if any, can boast of such a remarkable feat.
Bluehost utilizes the latest technology in terms of software and hardware. Their server rooms and data centers are well equipped with security systems, power backup systems and redundant network frameworks. This ensures that your website’s up-time is never compromised and that your data is always kept safe from prying eyes. With Bluehost hosting you can also be assured of fast website speeds. Your pages will load quicker and your visitors will enjoy a faster responsive experience on your web applications. For best Bluehost Coupons, visit this site – http://bloghostinginc.com/bluehost/.

What makes Bluehost a better choice?

Well, there are plenty of reasons why you should opt for Bluehost web hosting, some of these reasons include:-

Content Management Hosting

For those who would like to put up powerful blogs or forums. Bluehost allows you to easily do this using their WordPress Content Management System. Worpdress can allow users to create outstanding blogs within a matter of minutes. Learn how to write a blog here. For those who would like to go for much richer website designs, Bluehost offers thousands of templates and software such as Concrete5, Trendy Site Builder, Soholaunch and Joomla. Most of these software are open source so users don’t have to worry about paying for updates or support features after installation.

Email Features

With Bluehost an account holder can setup as many email addresses as they so wish with unlimited email holding capabilities. Also, tutorials on how to setup email clients using the emails created are provided. Some of the email clients that Bluehost provides support for include Outlook Express, Microsoft Outlook and Thunderbird. Mailing lists, email forwarding services and anti-spam software which may be required by cooperate clients are provided at no extra cost.

Unlimited Databases

For those who may require more than one database Bluehost has you covered. They offer an unlimited database service. One can create as many MYSQL databases as they so wish without having to worry about limitations. Database management tools such as phpMyAdmin are offered for those who may need more control over their database data.

E-commerce tools

With Bluehost, one can easily create a website to sell their goods and services. Shopping scripts such as CubeCart, osCommerce, Magento, and Zen Cart allow users to create professional shopping carts with little or no web design knowledge.

Customer Services

Bluehost offers an award winning customer service. Their customer service team is not only highly trained but they are friendly and dedicated to your success. You can contact Bluehost’s customer care services through the phone, email or live chat application found on their official website.